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Knowing the true value of your business is essential to business planning and achieving personal goals.  You will gain insights on 12 leading indicators that compare the health of your company with that of comparable businesses.  Valuation package includes data gathering, analysis, detailed report and consultation for $499.00 

Small businesses are challenged with the cost and administration of offering traditional 401K plans and SEPS. The Executive Bonus has greater flexibility and is a less expensive alternative to rewarding your key employees. 

Nothing is worse than working all of your life building a great business and having it fall into disarray upon death or disability.  Set a plan in advance that is flexible and protects your heirs and your heritage.

Whether getting started or needing a second opinion; we can guide you through the labyrinth of options available to attract and retain quality employees.

24/7 Legal advice for individuals, small business owners, and employee groups.