There are certain events in our life that prompt us to revaluate our financial outlook, particularly with respect to security. 

New Homeowner

College Planning

Estate Planning


Congratulations!  This is a great move. Make sure you have the right mortgage protection program for you.


Not every child will choose a college education but it's good to be prepared.  College planning needs to start when children are young and you want to invest in a plan that offers you complete flexibility in the event your child chooses a path other than college.

For those of you who have estates exceeding 11.4 million per individual, take the time to reduce the tax liability to your heirs.  For smaller estates, it is still important to set up a will and estate planning documents and keep those documents updated.

This is when the rubber meets the road.  I hope you have had a successful journey.  Most professionals focus on the Accumulation Phase of retirement; my job is to teach you about the Distribution Phase of retirement. Today is still a great low tax environment to set yourself up properly for the rest of your life.